Precision Blended Agricultural Lubricants & Products

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Tractor MP  is a Super Tractor Oil Universal (STOU) fromulated fo Tractor engines, transmissions, Hydraulics and final drives including those with wet brake systems

Tractor MP has an engine viscosity rating of SAE 15W40 and a service rating API CF 4+, having the soot handling capabilities of a CH-4 making it suitable for use in naturally aspirated and turbo charged diesel and four stroke petrol engines.

Tractor MP as a transmission oil contains extreme pressure additives exceeding the requirements of API GL4, SAE 80w making it highly suitable for transmissions & final drives used in off-highway and agricultural machinery.

Tractor MP as a hydraulic oil offers full anti-wear protection for all types of hydraulic pumps and systems meeting the wear and compatibility standards of Dennison vane & piston pumps as well as other gear pumps. It also meets the requirements of compressor manufacturers including ZF TE M1 06, 07.

  • Protects gearbox and working components due to antifoaming properties
  • Consistent Viscosity throughout working temperatures

Tractor MP meets or Exceeds; API GL4 , SAE (gear )80w ,SAE (engine) 15w/40 , API CF-4+/SG , ISO 68

Hy Gear Multi UTTO is an extremely shear stable true Multifunctional UTTO oil for Tractor Transmissions, Hydraulics, wet brake systems and final drives including Hydrostatic Drives.

Hy Gear Multi UTTO is recommended where API GL4, sae 80w and iso 68 sequence tests are required to be met.
Characteristics ;

*    Protects gearbox and working components due to antifoaming properties

*    Consistent Viscosity throughout working temperatures, extremely shear stable.

*    Suitable for modern complex power shift transmissions

*    Good lock-up and holding capacity for clutches in transmission and Power Take-Off    

     (PTO) system

*    Suppression of wet brake noise • Braking capacity for safe stopping within the    

     design limits of the equipment

*    Protection for spur, helical, spiral bevel gears and bearings • Sensitivity for yellow     

     metals in hydrostatic and hydraulic equipment 

*    Oxidative and thermal stability ... Prevention of oil thickening and the formation of     

     harmful acidic deposits that can reduce heat transfer and efficiency • Protection of   

     critical components • Reduced risk from seal leakage

*    Prevents loss of pump pressure and so enhances productivity • Low copper activity

     to prevent corrosion in axial pistons and hydraulic pumps

Hy Gear Multi UTTO is formulated to meet or exceed the following ; API  GL4 ... Allison C3, C4 ... Caterpillar TO-2 ... ZF TE Ml 03E, 05F, 05E, 06F/K, 17E, 21F ... AGCO Powerfluid 821XL, Q-186 (White Farm) ... Kubota UDT Fluid ... Landini ... Komatsu – Wet Brake Axle ... SAME (SAME transmissions) ... VCE WB 101, 102 ... Ford;  ESN-M2C86-B Suitable for use Ford ESN-M2C86-C, ESN-M2C134-D, (CNH MAT 3525= FNMA 201.00) ... John Deere J20C, J14A, J20D ... Plessey Sunstrand ... Sunstrand 22 Axial Piston Pump ... Dennison P-46, T-5D, HF-0 ... White Farm Q-1826, Q-1705, Q1766, Q-1802 ... Case New Holland ;  CNH MAT3505  (MS 1209) Back service to MS 1207, CNH MAT3506 (MS1210), CNH MAT3509 (MS1230), CNH MAT3510 (MS    1317 = GL-4), CNH MAT3525 (Ford M2C134-D, FNHA 201.00)v, CNH MAT3526 (FNHA 200.00) ... Massey Ferguson  ; CMS M1145, M1135, M1141, M1110, M1127, M1129-A 

Product code s4284 available in 5, 20, 205 and 1000 litre containers   

Hy Gear Multi supercedes both our Hy Gear and Hy Gear Ultra

Series 7000 ... Harvester Hydraulic fluid 

Synforce Series 7000 Harvester Hydraulic fluid is a new generation Hydraulic Oil employing superior Group 2 Hydrocracked base oils and the latest anti-wear technology for use in applications of extreme shear and wide temperature range encountered in mining, agriculture, industrial and precision hydraulic control systems, where minimal change in viscosity with temperature and very high shear stability is required.

Synforce Series 7000 is especially recommended for severe applications such as Austoft 7000 and Camaco Cane Harvesters where the hydraulic oil is highly stressed, providing maximum “cold start” protection and superior “air release”, ensuring minimal wear to pumps and motors.


Synforce Series 7000 is pre-filtered through 2 micron absolute filtration during the manufacturing process ensuring Series 7000 to be the “cleanest off the shelf” Hydraulic oil available.

Series 7000 meets or exceeds; Vickers 1-286-S, M2952-S … Denison HF-1, HF-2, HF-0 … Cincinnati Milacron P68, P69, P70 DIN 51524 part 2, … Lee-Norse 100-1 … Jeffrey No 87 … US Steel 127, 136 … Ford M6C32 ... General Motors LH-04-1, LH-06-1, LH-15-1 … Racine Vane Pumps – Variable Volume ... Commercial Hydraulics (except PMS500 Series) AFNORE48-603

Chain & Bar Oils

Mineral base oil versions available in ISO 100, ISO 125, ISO 150 and ISO 200 with extreme pressure additives and blended to resist 'fling off' using heavy tackifiers

BioBAR Chain & Bar oil ... Affordable Bio-degradable Chain & Bar oil

BioBAR is a unique blend of vegetable base oils and additive technology that results in a bio-degradable chain & bar oil that outperforms both traditional bio and mineral bar oils.

The exclusive formulation of Synforce BioBAR contains anti-wear and tackiness additives that are also Bio-degradable making BioBAR truly 100% bio-degradable

Due to the advanced formulation and the very high Viscosity index of the vegetable base oil used, the viscosity range offers advantages over most other products by providing earlier protection at cold start and resisting the effects of heat on viscosity (thinning) at operating temperatures.

Available in … 1, 5, 20, 205 and 1000 litre

Synforce Backrubber oil

Is a Backrubber oil insecticide carrier manufactured from very highly refined PureBASE base oils and superior additive technology to produce an effective clean and safe anti-drip insecticide carrier for control against Buffalo Fly, March Fly and most biting insects.


Our Backrubber oil is NOT made from recycled, retreated or even virgin group 1 base oils, the base oil used is the very highly refined PureBAS base stock that offers significant purity over all others, PureBASE is exclusive to Synforce in Australia.

Synforce Backrubber oil is free of any contaminants that may cause concern to regularity Authorities or stress to the animal.

Stay Put;

By using a specialized additive exclusive to Synforce in the formulation, Synforce Backrubber oil will not run or drip off easily even in high ambient temperature environments

Available in … 20, 205 and 1000 litre

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