Precision Blended Specialised 4WD Lubricants

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Material Safety Data Sheets can be found for each product at the bottom of this page

These products are designed specifically for hard working 4WD Vehicles and offer unmatched advantages in lubrication resulting in better performance and extended component life.

Cruiser Oil 1540 - Advanced Semi Synthetic formulation engine lubricant offering better protection and conforming to JASO DH-1, Japanese Standards Organization specification for Japanese diesel engines.

Cruiser Oil meets or exceeds the following standards ;

SAE 15w/40 ... API CH-4/SJ ...JASO DH-1 ... ACEA ; A3, B3, E3 ... Sulphated Ash 1.35% ... TBN 10.8 ... Viscosity Index 161

Cruiser Gear Oil 80 - is a Semi Synthetic, 80w, GL4 Gear oil, designed to help reduce 'cold shift baulk' and 'hot rattle' problems, in 4WD and other Transmissions under both normal and severe conditions.

Cruiser Gear Oil 80 has enhanced oxidation and thermal stability, offering better protection than the more conventional mineral gear oils.

Cruiser Gear Oil 80 should be used where a 75w/85 or 75w/90, GL4 rated oils are called for, as in most 4WD manual transmissions.

Xtreme SAE 90 and SAE 140 are unique XHT (extra high temperature) and XRM (extra range multigear) gear oils that offer extra high temperature thermal stability. All Terrain Xtreme 90 and 140 are rated for both Limited Slip and conventional differentials, offering supreme protection, temperature control, durability (gear surface life) and corrosion protection to both yellow and white metals under both wet and dry conditions.

Xtreme 90 and 140 surpasses international specifications ; Mack GO-J, Eaton, Fuller, Rockwell, Daimler Benz, Ford, Clark and GM etc.

Xtreme 90 is an SAE 90, API, GL-6, (GL-5 plus additive over treat) to be used where ever an 80w/90 gear oil or LS 90 (limited slip) is recommended for diffs. Particularly suited where Diff Lockers are fitted.

Xtreme 140 is an SAE 140, API, GL-6,  and is to be used where ever an 85w/140 or a LS 140 (limited slip) diff oil is recommended and again where Diff Lockers are fitted.

Xtreme 90 and 140 are suitable for use in both non limited slip and limited slip differentials.

Xtreme 90 and 140 offer substantial wear protection over most conventional and synthetic diff oils in these applications, and are unique to Synforce.

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