Precision Blended Gear & Diff Oils

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Material Safety Data Sheets can be found for each product at the bottom of this page

DiffMAX 80w/90 and 85w/140 ... are extreme pressure ( EP ) "multi use" gear oil GL5, having strong protective chemical films between mating surfaces, such that it is less sensitive to viscosity from a wear stand point

DiffMAX 80w/90 and 85w/140 are suitable for use high speed, high torque operation for Automotive and light to medium duty off road vehicles, meeting all leading equipment manufacturers specifications for manual gear boxes, both conventional and Limited slip differentials and final drives.

Being dual purpose Diff oils they eliminate the chance of using the wrong oil in your diff and reduce inventory by replacing the need to have stocks of conventional non Limited Slip and limited Slip oils.

DiffMAX 80w/90 and 85w/140 Meet or exceed ; API GL-5...ZF TE-ML-07A...ZF TE-ML-08...LS 90/140 (Limited Slip)

TransGEAR 75/85 ... is a multi purpose extreme pressure, API GL4, SAE 75w/85 gear oil recommended for front wheel drive transaxle and other transmissions, steering boxes and automotive Hypoid and Spiral-bevel gears.

TransGEAR 75/90 ... is also a multi purpose extreme pressure Gear oil but in a SAE 75w/90, API GL-5 specification for front wheel drive transaxle and other transmissions, steering boxes and automotive Hypoid and Spiral-bevel gears.

HP Gear Oil 80w/90 ... is an extreme pressure (EP) gear oil, SAE 80w/90, GL5, suitable for high speed, high torque manual transmissions, differentials and final drives. Also suitable for most Hypoid and many Spiral-bevel gears.


Extreme Protection Gear & Diff Oils ...

Cruiser Gear Oil 80 ... is a Semi Synthetic Gear oil offering reductions in cold shift baulk and hot rattle in most manual transmissions. Enhanced oxidation and thermal stability, performance and protection over traditional gear oils. For use where a 75w/85 or 75w/90, GL4 gear oil is specified.

Xtreme 90 & 140 ... Limited slip gear oil in SAE 90 and SAE 140 grades. These are superior new generation XRM (extra range multigear) and XHT (extra high temperature) rated gear oils designed to extend surface life even under sever conditions.

Xtreme 90 & 140 are exclusive to Synforce and are suitable for both initial and service fills of conventional gear/diff and limited slip applications in cars, trucks and final drives.       Meets or exceeds all International OEM requirements.

Xtreme 90 & 140 ... are superior new generation XRMR (Extra Range Multigear) gear oils with special limited slip differential performance and tackifiers to enhance performance. They are specifically designed to provide improved protection and performance in extreme conditions and offer the ability to reduce operating temperatures over the more convention EP or HP gear oils.

  • Ultra Thermal Stability - XHTR (Extra High Temperature)
  • Oil Seal Life
  • Durability (Gear Surface Life)
  • Corrosion Protection to Yellow Metals under both Wet and Dry conditions
  • Limited slip differential performance

All these properties help overcome the growing concerns of the gear manufacturers (OEMs - Original Equipment Manufacturers), vehicle and fleet owners relative to these performance areas when operating with the former generation of conventional hypoid extreme pressure (EP) drive train and limited slip lubricants.

Xtreme 90 and Xtreme 140 meet or exceed;  MIL-PRF-2105E ... API MT-1 ... API GL-5 plus LS ... Mack GO-J and GO-J plus ... SAE J2360

l MIL-PRF-2105E 
l API MT-1 
l API GL-5 
l Mack GO-J 
l SAE J2360MIL-PRF-2105E l API MT-1 l API GL-5 l Mack GO-J l SAE J2360

GearSYN 140E (75w/140) ... is a full synthetic diff oil blended from PAO base stocks and advanced additive technologies to be suitable for use in Eaton, Dana and Meritor-Rockwell rear axle drives.

Synforce GearSYN 140E offers advanced protection against the extremes of very low and high operating temperatures and under harsh conditions.


Synforce GearSYN 140E is recommended for use in Eaton and Rockwell rear axles that require a 75w/140, a 80w/140 or a 85w/140 GL4 or GL5 lubricant where long drain periods and extended warranty conditions apply and under severe conditions, It is also suitable for power dividers.


•   Extended drain interval.    •   Excellent high temperature, high load performance.       •   Extremely shear stable.

•   Compatible with normal mineral EP diff oils and seals.       •   Reduced operating temperatures.


•   Improved axle life.     •   Extended lubricant life.        •   Increased life of seals and gears.


1.   Recommended maximum service interval is 400,000kms or 2 years, whichever occurs first.

2.   For off-highway or arduous operations, the drain interval should be shortened.

3.   Synforce GearSYN 140E is NOT compatible with glycol based (PAG) gear oils.

4.   Avoid top ups with mineral oil based products as they will detract from the performance of GearSYN 140E.

GearSYN 7590 ... is a full synthetic gear and diff oil blended from PAO base stocks and advanced additive technologies to be suitable for use in transaxles with Hypoid gears and manual transmissions where a synthetic SAE 75w/90, API GL5 or GL6 is called for.

GearSYN 7590 already contains the additional additive that many OEM's require for high performance differentials.

GearSYN 7590 is also suitable for use in Car and light Commercial differentials as well as high perfoprmence differentials and offers advanced protection against the extremes of very low and high operating temperatures under harsh conditions such as those experienced in Competition use.

• Extended drain interval. • Excellent high temperature, high load performance. • Extremely shear stable.
• Compatible with normal mineral EP d i f f oils and seals. • Reduced operating temperatures.


• Improved component life. • Extended lubricant life. • Increased life of seals and gears

  •  no additional additive required for high performance differentials

Suitable for use in;

Jaguar XJ1 220, Subaru, Alfa Romeo, Porsche, VW, Audi, some Mercedes Benz, DAF, ZF, MAN, Eaton, Scania applications and many European Truck driveline applications where this specification and product type is called for.

GearSYN 7590 is suitable for Limited Slip differentials.

Meets or exceeds; SAE 75w/90 … API GL5, MT1 … MIL-PRF-2105E … MAN 3343 Type S, 341 Type E3 … M.B 235.8 … Scania STO:1 … ZF TE-ML 02B, 05B, 12B, 16F, 17B, 19C, 21B.

GearSYN ZF-75w/80 ... is a full PAO based synthetic manual transmission fluid formulated to meet the demanding requirements of heavy duty commercial manual and automated manual transmissions.

GearSYN ZF-7580 offers oil drain intervals of up to 800,000 kilometres with ease of shifting and very high thermal durability.

Capabilities include broad synchromesh material compatibility allowing multi vehicle versatility, long oil life and optimum gear shifting.


• Ideal for mixed fleet service fill applications

• OEM endorsed additive technology

• Long life of oil

• Proven performance for synchromesh, high loads and high temperatures.

• Clean internal surfaces of transmission


GearSYN ZF-7580 meets the requirements of ZF manual and automated manual transmissions as well as most manual transmissions found in heavy commercial vehicles requiring an SAE 75w/80 GL-4 synthetic lubricant.

GearSYN ZF-7580 meets or exceeds the requirements of; DAF … Eaton … IVECO … MAN 341 Z-4/5 … MAN 341 E3 … MB 235.4 … Renault … Volvo 97305 ... ZF TE-ML 01E/L … ZF TE-ML 02E/L … ZF TE-ML 08 … ZF TE-ML 16K/P … API GL-4

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